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Long Island Dreaming

This Long Island garden was designed along Edwardian lines, with a wonderful sunken garden at its centre. Enclosed by traditional hedges the garden areas form concentric rings, that ‘borrow’ the landscape of trees from neighbouring gardens, which we echoed by carefully placing new trees closer to the house, increasing the feeling of depth and making the garden feel much bigger than it actually is. At the heart of the sunken garden sits a fountain, surrounded by a series of rills and a flamboyant mixture of perennials and roses. A combination of antique Bluestone and very elegant, narrow bricks on edge form the main paths and edge the rills. The secondary paths, made of chippings, are softened with self-seeders such as Alchemilla mollis. The house is filled daily with flowers from the borders and a wonderful cut flower garden which is planted in a full spectrum of colour. Beyond the intensity of the flower gardens lies a cool woodland walk which surrounds the outside of the garden. The path winds between the trunks of mature trees, offering glimpses and wonderful, framed views of the light, bright garden within. Topiary and roses sit in long grass which provides a wonderful gentle breathing space between the sunken garden and the family drive. Vistas such as that of the long border, which is accentuated by the rhythm of the rose arches, extend the sense of space in the garden, and offer many and varied routes for the family to explore and enjoy.

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A joyous spectrum of colour for The Cutting Garden.

201104 664 Cut Flower Garden