"Arne Maynard is one
of the most talented
garden designers
working in Britain
today. Whether in the
city or in the depths
of the country,
his gardens are a
magical combination
of architecture and
romance, the classic
and the contemporary,
and relate to their
surroundings in subtle
ways." Tricia Guild
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Autumn musings

Autumn tends to be characterized in the garden by clearing and tidying away before winter; hedges get clipped, fallen leaves cleared and herbaceous beds cut back.


Heaps of goodness

I’ve set myself a bit of a challenge this week, and to be honest I’m starting to regret it! I’ve been spreading our home made leaf mold and compost onto our beds and so I thought I’d write about composting and the benefits of it....


Garden Courses

We are delighted to announce the first of our 2015 garden courses, a study of the Dutch Masters and floral workshop. We will be adding further course details to the website over the coming weeks - they make perfect presents for family, friends, or yourself!